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How To Spring Clean Your Home. Free Virus Cleaning Software

How To Spring Clean Your Home

how to spring clean your home

how to spring clean your home - How To

How To Green Your Spring Cleaning: Avoid the Use of Toxic Chemicals For a Safe, Clean Home

How To Green Your Spring Cleaning: Avoid the Use of Toxic Chemicals For a Safe, Clean Home

Spring is the traditional time for a thorough spring clean. There are many powerful cleaning products available with promises of a clean home through minimum effort. Unfortunately,...

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On spring

On spring

Oh, I'm gonna fry you up. I've got your eggs and bacon right here, baby!

Her voice was terse with another of the many threats she'd made today. I walked to the end of my house quietly and tilted my head around the corner so I could watch her unobserved.

Mama Rose, one hand gloved and the other bare, leaned over my bed of Irises, pulling at a weed while striking it with an evil looking machete.

Not my machete. She'd brought it from home. It's her favorite tool. When I could coax her to put it down, she'd help me pull weeds from the flower bed in front, replacing the weeds with cypress mulch. Unlike me, yard work was something she'd rather do than just about anything. At the end of our first day together, she left her machete and work shoes, so in her words, she'd have to come back for them tomorrow.

She called the next morning at 7:30. She'd been up since 6. Her daughter and I say she's crazy. It's the good crazy though, not Power-of-Attorney crazy.

She lends just the right spirit to spring yard work. I love spring and I'll tell you why. There's a crazy kind of risk in it.

When I started the working in the yard earlier in the week, I was going solo. It was warm outside and sunny. I burned fallen limbs, I cut grass and I pulled honeysuckle vines. When I came inside that night, I had a light sunburn. I invited Mama Rose over the next day because I felt behind the season already and knew I needed help.

The next day, the picture changed. The skies were overcast. A light drizzle coated my burn pile. But the weather was fine for listening to stories from my companion.

I always say, don't tell me not to do something, just tell me why I shouldn't do it.

I played along. Don't do it because your mother told you not to and you'd get a whipping.

Shoo. A whipping only lasts a minute. Did I ever tell you how I started a fire with a match and a rock?

And the next day the picture had changed again. Tornadoes came through during the night, passing just south of us but still setting off the county warning sirens. I savored my coffee the next morning, waiting for the weather to clear. Finally, I drove through the fog to pick up Mama Rose again.

Look how many churches there are between your house and ours. Don't you know people just keep building all these churches to have more ways to make money off Our Lord? It's just disgusting.

When Mama Rose's New Orleans accent wraps around this word, I believe even those who don't understand English can get the meaning from her inflection.


Three days. Three kinds of weather. By Friday, I realized my yard work wasn't going to be finished by the end of my vacation. And I realized I wasn't behind the season at all.

I also learned that if I gave Mama Rose cuttings from my flower beds, she'd have something to plant at her house, and I'd get a day off.

There are plenty of lessons to take from spring. They repeat every year and every year they feel new because I've changed from this time last year.

First, I hear change is inevitable. People can pretend that change doesn't happen, but they are just denying the reality of spring, which comes each year with wind and sun and tantalizing activity. My yard is in bad shape because I ignored it two springs in a row. Ignoring it didn't stop spring's invitation from reaching me, nor did it stop weeds from overtaking my flowers. This week I tugged weeds out of my yard, revealing all the lovely flowers underneath. I could almost hear them beginning to breathe again.

Change is dirty. I can't pull weeds or dig soil without getting dirty. In fact, digging is best done when it's been raining, making the ground soft enough to release the weeds and soft enough to mess up my shoes. Participating in spring means making messes and cleaning them up. Not getting dirty means letting messes creep up unplanned but never quite unexpected. You can retreat from that, or you can get in the thick of things. It's okay to choose retreat sometimes. I've chosen it in the past. But the task isn't mysterious or insurmountable. Pull the weeds and toss them out. Leave the rest.

Spring also teaches me that the right tools can make a difference. Recently a friend did repairs for me and in the process put a slash in the finger of his pigskin gloves. We didn't throw them away and after he left I found them tucked away in a utility drawer. I'd never worn pigskin before, but I tried them this week, and I have to tell you, they are the most comfortable gloves I've ever worn. They saved me blisters from the rake and cuts from the thorn bushes. I'd have never justified the expense of fancy gloves for garden work if my friend hadn't left the pair. That's a good friend.

Which is another thing about spring, if only for this year's lesson. I learned that accepting help from friends enriches me in ways pride can't. It may go against my upbringing to ask for help cleaning up a mess I made through my own neglect, bu

[84:365] Proud to Be An American

[84:365] Proud to Be An American

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Favorite Flickr Friends theme Thankful Thursday - thankful for my freedom =) thankful that i'm American. thankful that i can live in a country where i can dress how i want, and go to a Catholic school, and say what i want, and be me.

Today was an alright day. We're done learning stuff in Bio, because our final exam for that is next Thursday. UGH i'm dreading that...i have to start studying this week. Didn't finish my English paper last night, so i got to class and had to go up to the library and finish it really quickly and then turn it in for revisions. Then i took my last Spanish verb quiz of the year, and i hopefully did alright...Haha. Ugh then after school was softball practice, and lucky me, no one told me practice was at 4:00 instead of the 3:30 usual, so i get to the field at 3:10, and i'm the ONLY one there. Not even my younger sister came. And she's been driving me absolutely NUTS lately, thinking she's always better than me and hanging out and being all buddy-buddy with my ex-best friends. It just drives me insane. So i call her, asking where she is, and shes like "Ohh, we're downtown and we're gonna go to 7-11 and get slurpees and then we'll be there." So as soon as i hang up i start crying. No one thinks to invite me to go downtown with the whole team, and my own sister doesn't even let me in on the loop. I feel so freaking out of place in this school. Like no one really wants me around. I absolutely hate it. I want to get out so bad...just 2 more weeks. Believe me, i'm counting the hours...


*Message from flick:
Hey OMG its Shortiie ¦! About your photostream...

You have 170 photos stored on Flickr. Once you hit 200, you'll need to upgrade to a Flickr Pro account or you'll only be able to see your most recent 200 photos.

Nothing will be deleted, and if you upgrade, you'll have unlimited space for all your things. Perhaps you'd like to upgrade to Pro now?
Aww, this makes me wanna cry!! Hah, time for more spring cleaning, i suppose!!

how to spring clean your home

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