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How To Clean Windows Temp

how to clean windows temp

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,,,,,,,The Culprit,,,,,,,,,,A Dog Story,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,The Culprit,,,,,,,,,,A Dog Story,,,,,,,

Like to start off by thanking everyone that has stopped by in the last week to view my photos. Especially those of you that have left messages and your on going support.

Had an emergency that took me off line for some time which I'll get to soon.

First, this is one of Thailand hottest months as we have three seasons.
Hot, Hotter and Hottest !! April being the Hottest. Temps ranging from 38C up to 42C during the day with nights not being much different.
An occasional thunder and lightening storm will drift through but gives very little relief from the on going heat.

Anyway back to the emergency.
Might have been 5 or 6 days ago +or- I had just gone to bed at midnight, dropped off into a deep sleep.

Woke up not knowing what time it was but felt like my head was foggy and body was not responding to the brain which was not responding to anything.

I could hear a thump thump whack whack but still it did not register until I felt a wet little nose trying it's best to poke my arm that was hanging over the side of the bed.

I looked down and there was the Little Worm poking and poking my arm, my eyes looked at the clock next to my head and it said 1:37AM !!.

Oh Man, figured she had to go pee and wanted out which is not like her at all.
As I sat up rubbing my eyes a feeling went through me that something was different but couldn't pick it up.

The Worm ran into the other room and then back to the bed with a sound of urgency so I figured she really need to go out.
Just as I slung my legs over the side it dawned on me there was no fans running. All 7 fans stood still with out a single blade moving. The moon gave me some light so moving around is no problem but still The Worm seemed to have a problem.
She continued to zip back and forth from one room back to the bed with excitement in her movements.

One of the main doors leading out is right next to the computer station so I figured she was still wanting to go out.

The second I entered the room a smell hit my nose, "Burning Plastic !!
I could see sparks and a short flame along with black smoke coming out of the top of the monitor. In one big leap I grabbed all the wires and started pulling them out, including the computer wires.
Pulled the desk away from the window where curtains hung only inches away from the flames and scoped up all papers laying on the desk.
Everything came to a stop except for the lingering trail of smoke from the monitor.
Now I'm wide awake on full alert, checking and rechecking any and all wires connected to the stereo and computer.
Standing there shacking my head in disbelief as to what had just happened and how close it had come to major disaster.
Little Worm is sitting looking up at me with her tail still going and a slight smile as if to say something to me.
Getting down on all fours it was only right to let her lick my ears as she likes to do when she is thrilled with her self.
I was very thrilled with her too....;-)

Went and hit the breakers and power came back producing a waft of air from the fans.
Opened the glass doors, readjusted the fans and started blowing the smoke outside.

So what happened ?, Why did this happen? I wasn't sure but I was defiantly going to find out !

First thing in the morning I was off with monitor to one of my relatives computer shops. Told his main man, who is from Bulgaria and a wizz with this stuff, what had happened.He put his nose to the top vents and said, " Hmm doesn't look good !"
We started taking the monitor apart piece by piece with a slow methodical
pace of a brain surgeon.
When we got to circuit board compartment you could see black soot flashed on the aluminum casing.

The board it's self was covered in black soot and had a hole blown right through it the size of a shirt button.
As we continued to pop it completely open a hard black scorched lizard body fell out onto the counter top.
Like the circuit board the lizard too had a hole blown through his body only much bigger.
Again my friend said " Looks Bad !"
He also said let me play with it and see what I can do but don't have any hope of it being repairable.
Well a couple of days latter he had repaired it and it seems to work just fine. Problem was now in the computer it's self.
Took us a couple of days to repair some damage that been done to it as well.
Surprising we did recover all of the hard drive that had been effected and now once again I'm up and running.

And the Worm has earned her spot under my computer desk for her nest.
I put an old shirt under the desk where
my feet go and she proudly did her clock wise circles and the layed down.
Now on occasion I feel a little wet tongue cleaning my toes and the tail hitting the side of the desk.
As far as Mr WeeNee, he could care less, he is sacked out on the porch and not into all the drama.

As far as the picture goes, I took it a few years back with a D50, Sigma 105 2.8 macro lens.
A bunch of lizard eggs were inside a land line phone making it impos

oh no!

oh no!


So as most of you know, I dropped my D50 when we went to Sac and my command dial stopped working. Outside of the D700, Nikon has no announcements for a higher end consumer body, at least until September 3. Considering my only lens is a Sigma 30mm 1.4, I optioned both Canon and Nikon bodies when shopping for a temp(or complete replacement). To be completely honest, the only thing I'll really want from a D90(or whatever the D80 successor will be named) is even cleaner high ISOs. D50 and XT sensors are clean enough for me @ ISO 1600 so I figured I don't really need the upgrade. Sigma makes the great 30mm1 .4 in both mounts(cheaper in Canon too), and I'd probably get one of the wide to mid 2.8 zooms by Sigma or Tamron, which is in both mounts also(again cheaper in Canon, stupid F mount). HOWEVER, I've hated how the consumer Canons felt in my hands(my aunt's 5D is awesome though) and I hate the single command dial placement. All the other complaints I've had are all very minor things I can probably grow to live with(Hey I use windows).

This came up on craigslist for $300, body, extra battery, grip and remote. I'm probably never gonna use the kit lens after tomorrow, but the grip and remote are handy. Good deal so I drove to hayward and picked it up. Now I need to dump my Nikon stuff, pick up a Sigma 30mm 1.4, wide to mid 2.8 zoom, and MAYBE a 50mm 1.4 just because I miss the tighter shots it can give me at a show. I'm loving the grip. It makes the camera a lot better to hold regularly, and I love the being able to hold it in portrait.

how to clean windows temp

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