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Free Register Clean

free register clean

free register clean - atFoliX FX-Clear

atFoliX FX-Clear Invisible screen protector for Sharp UP-820N / UP820N - Ultra clear screen protection! Highest Quality - Made in Germany!

atFoliX FX-Clear Invisible screen protector for Sharp UP-820N / UP820N - Ultra clear screen protection! Highest Quality - Made in Germany!

FX-Clear-Protection ultra-clear screen protector tailored for
Sharp UP-820N / UP820N
Ultra-clear and hard-coated!
The FX-CLEAR-PROTECTION foil is a transparent, high-tech protective foil for high-resolution screens.

This innovative screen-protection foil is characterized by crystal-clear transparency and excellent resistance to scratches (resists 4H pencil hardness at 500 g writing pressure). It can be very easily attached and removed at any time without leaving a residue, is highly transparent and adheres snugly to your screen without affecting its operation.
Dirt-repellent surface!!
Reduces fingerprints and repels dirt and grease..

Anti-static foil material!!
Does not attract dust during installation and can even be rinsed with clear water and reattached when necessary..

No slipping - sensational adhesive properties thanks to a new, special silicon adhesive layer!!
No glue! No stickiness! Optimal adhesion right up to the edges - guaranteed!!

Very robust, durable and developed for continuous use!!
Mechanical long-term protection of the display against damage of all kinds thanks to durable, multi-layer polymers..
Delivery scope:
1 x FX-CLEAR-PROTECTION screen-protection foil
1 x Installation instructions in several languages with pictures
1 x Cleaning cloth
1 x Installation tool (Squeegee)
Packages for devices with several screens (e.g. internal and external screen) contain a protection foil for each screen.

81% (9)

Oregon Trail past Register Cliffs

Oregon Trail past Register Cliffs

Along the North Platte River, Register Cliffs, is where hundreds of Oregon Trail travlers carved their name and date into the soft sandstone cliffs. This dirt road, leading to the signature cliffs, follows the same course along the NF of the Platte, that the wagon trains would have followed.

I had a wonderful trip from Washington State to Texas. I visited with my Aunt in Texas, and helped her a bit with a move, then had a good visit with my Mom in Kansas. Now I was heading back home.

I had two places I had never been before (and a road or two I had never driven), that I wanted to see on the way back. I wanted to visit the Oregon Trail wagon ruts near Guernsey, Wyoming and then drive back road highway 270 from Guernsey to Devils Tower. I had come close on previous trips, but never had seen Devils Tower. I enjoyed the tower and the wonderful wildlife and landscape around it, very much.

After Devils Tower, I pretty much put the old truck on “automatic pilot” and took the Interstate back home, stopping at a Cracker Barrel restaurant for a big country meal in Missoula, Montana - - as a celebratory punctuation mark, to a great two week road trip.

Class 500 Cash Register

Class 500 Cash Register

The Class 500 cash registers (1908-1916) were the largest ones made by the National Cash Register Company. This brass register came with eight drawers, which meant that different store clerks could use it at the same time. It was also the most expensive machine produced at the time, with prices ranging from $315 to $555.

This particular cash register was commissioned in 1910 and expressly built for the A. McMillan Jewelry store located at 82 Sparks Street. The store on Ottawa's main commercial strip was noted to have the best assorted stock of jewelry in Canada - making it unfortunately very prone to theft, including a sensational daylight diamond robbery in 1909 and some twenty years earlier a theft (which involved a fake priest) of several watches.

This cash register is in the care of the Bytown Museum in Ottawa.

free register clean

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